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Our Story

About Athenian Adventures

Athenian Adventures is a concierge travel service that makes dream vacations in Greece a reality. We are a US-based travel planning company, with a local presence in Athens, that curates custom tours hosted by official, local, licensed tour guides. Each guide, travel partner, hotelier or local service has been meticulously vetted and hand-picked just for you. Any recommendation comes from a personal experience by Stamie, the company's founder, or someone on her team.

Greek Streets

What we are not

Athenian Adventures is not for the "Let's see Athens in a day," camera-wielding, selfie-stick traveler. Athenian Adventures is for the discerning traveler who wants to explore more and learn more by getting to know a city or a country by immersing in it, beyond the average tourist experience.

Each licensed guide, travel partner, hotelier, or local service has been meticulously vetted and hand-picked just for you. Any recommendation comes from a personal experience by Stamie, the founder, or someone on her team. Each activity is planned to introduce you to the Greek people, the culture, the country’s history and their philotimo.


Philtimos is a word that escapes a formal definition. It is loosely translated to “love of honor,” but it actually is a complex array of virtues held in high esteem by the Greek people. It is a way of life: Honor. Dignity. Pride. Humbleness. Goodness. Spiritual sensitivity. Gratitude. Friendship.

Athenian Adventures believes that you deserve your dream vacation. Be in the moment of travel and not in the stress of all of the details. Be it a custom food tour, wine tasting, sailing adventure or cooking class—we will make it happen because you are our friend.

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Our Travel Philosophy

As travelers, we believe we should immerse ourselves in the local culture. If you spend time with us:

  • You will discover the neighborhoods that make Athens special. Be curious.

  • You will meet the local shop owners because we support "shop local" and small businesses. Be generous.

  • You may meet people who think differently and believe differently than you. Be kind.

  • You may encounter people of a different skin color, a different language, a different religious belief and have a different station in life. Be human.

  • You will be exposed to different foods and drinks, most of them healthy. Be willing.

  • You may get off track. Travel is not a linear experience. Be serendipitous.

  • You may get lost on your own. Be adventurous.

  • You will be walking. We believe walking is the best way to discover any destination. Be practical. (Wear good shoes!)


And with us, there is always an opportunity for a cocktail, a boutique shopping experience and a serendipitous moment! Join us!

Meet our founder,
Stamie Turner

Stamie is a travel expert, budding author, frustrated artist and founder of Cobblestones and Pomegranates: Her Dream Vacation and Athenian Adventures. She has traveled the globe curating itineraries for small group travel and has a deep expertise in Greece. Half Greek/Half American, Stamie has traveled and lived in Greece as a small child and as an American ExPat. With dual citizenship, she is able to travel freely back and forth from her home in South Carolina to her home in Greece. Her career has extended from travel agent, hotel sales, commercial real estate, private clubs and media sales and advertising —coming full circle to hosting you in Greece. As a self proclaimed foodie, Stamie has a fine appreciation for good food and fine wines. You will want every opportunity to share a table with her! Let Stamie and her team help you travel better by immersing you in the best of what Greece has to offer beyond the tourist spots!

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