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Private Tours & Day Trips

This is just a small sample of experiences that we can offer, aside from the other adventures you want to have in Greece.


Curated Experiences in Athens

Here's a sample of Athenian Adventures'
Private Tours and Day Trips for inspiration...
but it's up to you and your imagination!

  • Athens Walking Food Tour

  • Athens Riviera Beach Club Tour

  • Local Athens Winery and Jeep Experience Tour

  • Ancient Philosopher’s Dinner in a Private Home

  • Rooftop Cocktail Tour

  • An Athens Neighborhood Market Tour with dessert and coffee stop

  • Join a local for a typical Greek dinner and have a real Greek experience

  • "Understanding the Athens Metro and Tram" Tour with a few secret underground spots

  • Luxury Shopping Tour

  • The Modern Day Stoa and Agora Tour

  • Walking Tour with Changing of the Guards, National Gardens and the Panathenaic Stadium

  • An Evening of Mezes and Bouzoukia

  • Early Morning Walking Tour through Plaka with "Elvis the Greek Westie"

Small Group Itineraries

Explore also our 2021 - 2022 small group itineraries

Ship's Wheel
Sailing in the Greek Islands
September 1 - September 10, 2022
The Best of Greece
July 7 - July 16, 2022
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