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The Athenian Adventures Difference

What is the difference between a Travel Concierge and a Travel Agent?

Athenian Adventures does not want to “sell” you travel. There are a lot of travel agents selling travel and accommodation tickets on behalf of the transport and hotel industry and most have NEVER been to the destination they are selling. The travel agent’s work is complete once tickets are issued to their clients. It is rare to find a Travel Agent who will follow up with their customers. Those great deals found online can be very tempting, however, if things go wrong, there may be no support.


When you work with Athenian AdventuresYour Travel Concierge—your desired dream vacation becomes a reality. You are guaranteed the courtesy of knowing all of the details and can be comfortable that all partners are thoroughly researched and personally known. Athenian Adventures is interested in relationship building. We want to know your needs and strive to exceed expectations. Your travel agent may be more interested in getting the booking. (Not all of them, and that is why we also maintain strong relationships with Travel Agent partners who will also question your priorities.)


Trust us when we say we want to engage deeper and have an understanding of your needs.


Filoxenia is the Greek word for hospitality -- "There are no strangers."

With Athenian Adventures, you will be extended the utmost in hospitality and courtesy, not only with your planning but also as your Travel Concierge.

Visit Greece as a stranger. Leave as a friend.

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